Are you looking for a quiet place to work? Maybe just for a couple of hours? Here you can find everything you need. Plug & Play desks, fast internet, printer, coffee, everything is here. Without prior registration or membership.

We look forward to have you here! READ MORE


Are you looking for creative space for your next workshop? Our open space offers space for up to 30 people. You will find everything you need from BreakOutRooms to whiteboards and sticky notes! READ MORE


We believe that the future lies in networking and learning from one another. We have built up a network of experts and offer regular events. With the experts and meetups with each other, because you can learn and grow from everyone. READ MORE.



If we were to welcome you live on site, you would immediately have a hot drink in your hands. Because making you feel good is our top priority – after all, there’s a reason why we have ‘Hygge’ cups here. A wonderful Danish touch towards life that has influenced every room and every interior in Tink Tank by our founder Lone Aggersbjerg. More than that, Tink Tank thrives on the concept of Coworking and is all about Future Work. Values like inspiration, networking and flexibility enrich the community here.

Coworking and meeting rooms in the heart of Heidelberg. In a former factory spaces, 5 minutes walk from the main station, surrounded by gastronomy, we question the way we work, create and meet.



With coworking, Tink Tank wants to change the way we think, work and meet. We offer different work zones in an open community, professional and in a beautiful environment.

Coworking is the perfect solution for those who don’t need a permanent office space, but want the opportunity to be part of a community. Tink Tank provides the opportunity to network and socialize.

This means its not only a second work home with an all-rounder package, but above all a new way of working in a networked community. With plenty of room for new ideas and enriching inspiration.


At Tink Tank, we offer formal and informal workshop and meeting spaces in a discreet and professional setting that can be customized to your needs.

We have a workshop room with space for up to 25 people. As the name “Open Space” suggests, a spacious workshop room with flexible furniture and high-quality equipment is waiting for its creative use.

Directly connected to it are our smaller meeting rooms with space for up to 4 to 6 people.

Our rooms can be booked by anyone, whether you want to hold a full-day, half-day or evening meeting. As a member of Tink Tank you will receive a 20% member discount.


“Networking doesn’t just mean connecting people. It’s about connecting people with people, people with ideas, and people with opportunities ”. (- see michele Jennae -)

Our network experts offers our coworkers a platform that serves to intensify existing relationships with one another and to activate new relationships by recommending them. Our experts meet regularly, exchange ideas in Tink Tank and are available for Tink Tank Coworkers 1: 1 and lectures.



Not only the coworkers are connected with each other, but also the coworking spaces. In this way, members benefit from maximum work flexibility. Through the cooperation with 1,000 Satellites, Tink Tank members also have access to their coworking spaces. In addition, we are constantly expanding the coworking partner network in the Rhine-Neckar metropolitan region.

Tink Tank Spaces opening 2nd quarter 2022

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