Our partner network

Tink Tank and 1000 satellites cooperate and as a Tink Tank member you can use further locations for in between work.

Below you will find the locations that you can also visit as an official member of Tink Tank. The Space network in the Rheine-Neckar metropolitan region is currently being expanded. In order to be able to use the partner network of Spaces, you have to have a membership with Tink Tank or 1000 satellites. Before using, please send an email to info@tink-tank.de and info@1000satellites.com (the evening before is enough) – this is the only way you can fully enjoy the benefits as a member and there are no additional costs for you.


  • Sign membership
    Select location
    Send mail to Tink Tank & 1000 Satellites
    Enjoy the great growing coworking network to the full

Satellit Taylor

  • Opening times: 8am-6pm (Mon-Fri)
  • Havellandstr. 10, 68309 Mannheim
  •  ~100 desks
  • Fiber Internet
  • Community area with stage & kitchen
  • Team offices
  • Meeting rooms
  • Innovation Space
  • Printing service
  • Postal service
  • Ooutdoor area

Satellit Neustadt

  • Opening times: 8am-6pm (Mon-Fri)
  • Le Quartier Hornbach 17a, 67433 Neustadt
  •  10 desks
  • Fiber Internet
  • Events & catering
  • Meeting rooms
  • Printing service
  • Outdoor area
  • Meeting rooms

Pilot Satellit Wachenheim

Planned Operning: February 2021

  • More details soon