WHO is tink tank

Lone Aggersbjerg

Lone Aggersbjerg

changing the way we work by creating spaces where you can be your authentic you!

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We believe that collaboration leads to new & better ideas, increased work accuracy, improved productivity and the creation of more innovative solutions. True innovation can only prosper within an environment of collaboration and diversity. Working together in a community is the only healthy way to growth and happiness.

We believe that sharing equals learning, and life-long learning is the basis for a happy life. Therefore, we create a true innovative community and ecosystem where we connect, inspire and enable people to come togetherin a true collaborative environment.


We are creating inspirering spaces where you can be your authentic YOU. We are offering our network for you to leverage, and we share our passion for community, collaboration and openness. Your connection to Tink Tank will mean beautiful working environment, community driven activities, events to learn something new and a support network for you & your company to grow.
We breathe. We live. We enforce. The. Five. Values. Of. Coworking