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Need a place to work for a few hours or a day?

No need for registration! Simply stop by during opening hours between 8.30am – 7.30pm. WLAN, printing, coffee, tee & water included.

Creative rooms for your next workshop?

Our OpenSpace offers capacity for oup to 30 persons in a creative setup. The usage of our light-weight whiteboards allows the rooms to integrate completely how you would want it. If you want catering delivered, we can take of everything for you and help you provide a successfull workshop.

Virtual Office

Your professionel appearance in the center of Heidelberg, 2 min. away from the main train station. Get your business mail and packages delivered, and if you need to book a meeting room for your ad-hoc customer meetings.

All great ideas start in the kitchen

Usage of fridge and pantry are available for you. Freshly brewed coffe or a nice cup of tee is always at hand. Get to know the other coworkers – who knows what great things come out of a chat in the kitchen!

Open Tank

Stop by to take a look. Every thursday from 9.00am – 11.00am we are happy to show you around and talk about the various options available for you.

Flexible contracts for all membership options

We offer short and flexible contracts for all our membership options. Contact us to understand what options we offer or take a look on the website.

Meeting rooms available

Ideal for adhoc meetings, coaching sessions or meeting up with your customer in a professionel setting. Our cubicals are equipped with whiteboards, monitors (55 zoll UHD TV Airplay/HDMI), Jabra Speak bluetooth, flipcharts & other materials.

Safe place for private stuff

Have your private stuff out of the way in our lockers, while you work. If you have a virtual office booked, your business mail will be delivered directly to your locker.

Plug and Play offices

All-in workspace with all costs included, WLAN/LAN, meeting cubicals, printer, scanner, freshl-brewed coffee, tee and water – you simply login and start working.

Your new workbench is waiting

All desks are equipped with electrically height adjustable desks and ergonomic chairs, to offer you the best working environment possible. Whether you want a fixed desk with a business address or an available desk somewhere in the space, – it is your choice.

Our all-in monthly price comes with a 24/7 access to the space, so that you work whenever you want.

Private rooms for you & your team

We offer private rooms for small teams, divided teams or small companies who want the all-in price of coworking but still wants to be able to close the door and keep the discussions within the team. All workstations are equipped with electrically height adjustable desks and ergonomic chairs – Ready for you to start immediately.

Looking for space for your on-site team

Have your team enjoy the open space working culture but have them sit close by each other for easy sharing and collaboration. With our flex and fixed desk options, your team can be flexible on seating and contract.

The best working environment

We know how important the right chair and the right flexibility with the desk are. Therefore we only have electrically height adjustable desks and ergonomic chairs. Together with a great acustic ceiling and the right light concept, you are ready to work without distractions.

Host your next team or customer workshop with us

Take your customer or your team out of the normal working environment to open their minds and spirit. We are happy to arrange catering, facilitators or coaches – even a great team building event can be arranged for you.

Beautifully located in the middle of Heidelberg

If you have not visited Landfried, then you should definitely do so. We have multiple restaurants, entertainment and parking opportunities within few minutes – furthermore the main train station is just 3 minutes away!



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How ready are you for hybrid working?

When we talk about “hybrid working”, we let the possibilities of remote working be linked to the option of a physical location. What used to be our workplace, where we went 5 days a week to work there for 8 hours, is changing its form and purpose. The workplace is no longer the main place of work, but comes to the fore as a planned or spontaneous meeting place. We now choose for ourselves whether and how often we want to travel to a physical location, – especially for what purposes, if any, we visit the physical place of work.

So you may have already worked flexibly. You may have worked one day in a home office, one day at the client’s site and the other days in the office with your colleagues. With hybrid working, you now have the choice of how, when and, most importantly, from where you do your work. This choice opens up new opportunities and also new challenges. From the white paper “Post-Corona: Working Successfully in Hybrid Teams”, published by Tink Tank and Commha Consulting in Heidelberg, we list the requirements that companies should consider if they want to change their organisation.

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69115 Heidelberg

+49 162 204 42 24 or +49 6221 32 17 808

Opening hours:

Monday-Friday: 8.30 am-5.30 pm

Public holidays & weekends members only.

Closed for non-members: Dec 22 2021- Jan 03 2022 (both days incl.)

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