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September 2021

Open Door Day

September 17 2021, 9.00am-6pm

We invite you to our coworking universe where you can get to know our locations and exchange ideas with Tink Tank & 1000 Satellites Community.

At the Open Day you can explore our spaces in Heidelberg, Mannheim, Neustadt and Wachenheim an der Weinstrasse. Just come by for a coffee, have a look around and get to know us.

Vernissage with Aline Hemm

September 17 2021, 6.00pm-8pm

At Tink Tank, our coworkers have been enjoying the art of Aline Hemm (@knallh_art) for quite some time. Now we can finally introduce her to the public.

Aline Hemm & Tink Tank cordially invite you to sekt and appetizers.


Heidelberg Spendenlauf

September 18 2021, 4.00pm-7pm

Heidelberg Spendenlauf will donate to the Mannheim-based Kinderhospiz Sterntaler association, which accompanies terminally ill children and their families on their difficult journey.

So get into your running shoes, get ready, go! A very good cause and we run together as a Tink Tank Community.


Oktober 2021

From Input to Output

October 19-20 2021, 9.00am-6pm

There are many ideas. Good ideas are those that generate impact. In our day-to-day work, we often don’t have the time to think ideas through to the end. And especially working them out and applying them in real life sometimes simply takes a long time. Then the ideas end up on the long bench and get stuck in a priority traffic jam.

On 19.10-20.10 the world looks different – after the I-O-Box you will have your ideas in testable form. You will have shaped them to be clearly communicable and applicable. You will have an MVP (Minimum Viable Product) with which you can do test runs in the next 4 weeks and prove how much impact there is in the idea.

November 2021

From Input to Output

November 13 2021, 10.00am-6pm

One-day workshop for your healthy relationship with money. Right from the start: On this day you will NOT get financial advice and also NO patent remedy for the miraculous increase of your money!

Treat yourself with an inspiring day and allow yourself to develop new perspectives and a conducive attitude towards money. Clarify your relationship to money and dissolve obstructive thought patterns.

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