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July 2021

Gin Tasting with Ranger Ruan Steyn

July 29 2021,7pm

Let yourself get carried away into the South African gin & tonic World!

Cape Spirit in Tink Tank. Try five outstanding gins, matching tonics and feel the Cape Spririt with Ruan Steyn, formerly a ranger in South Africa and now a gin & tonic expert!

Ruan brings you two hours of real pleasure! Lean back and discover the unique taste of handcrafted gins from Soutch Africa.

Limited no of participants: 25 pers

Per person 20,-€ on site payment.

Bring your friend

July 30 2021, 8.30am – 5.30 pm

You always wanted to work with a friend? Now is your chance. Our friends from 1000 sattellites and we would like to invite you and your buddy or your bestie to coworking.

Book your test seating and become part of the coworking community.

You can arrange your test seating for Mannheim, Neustadt or Wachenheim here.

You can arrange your test seating at Tink Tank, Heidelberg here.

September 2021

Creativity Unlimited – Cannes After Work

September 1 2021, 6 pm

On Wednesday, September 1st, Marco Ruckenbrod will give inspiring insights into selected winning cases 2021 from 6 p.m. and is looking forward to a lively exchange and exciting discussion. The motto of the evening is: ‘Creativity Unlimited’. The cases show what power there can be in creativity. The event takes place as an after work format in the Heidelberg co-working space Tink Tank. Everyone interested in (creative) is welcome. The number of participants is limited to 25 places due to the corona. Participation is free of charge.

Confident leadership

September 2-3 2021, 9.00am-5pm

A practical seminar for people who experience challenging situations confidently and who want to deal with them safely in their professional and private lives.

Discover your inner resources and body rhetoric as sources of personal strength.


Women in leadership (modul 1): My leadership role and me

September 28-29 2021, 9.00am-5pm

A one-year management program for women in 4 modules. A program for women who consciously lead women and want to use their specific skills with feeling and intuition.

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