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March 2021

Dropouts - from employees of a large company in self-employment

March 17 2021, 5.30pm-7.00pm

Up for some exchange?  On Wednesday, March 17th, we will meet online and exchange ideas about what it is like to take the step from being an employee in a large company to becoming self-employed. 

StartUp Acceleration Readiness Check

March 22 2021, 9.00am-12.00pm

Are you a start-up? Are you ready to take the next step with your business? Tim Bolte and Alexandra Cordes will be happy to support you.

Simply contact Tim or to arrange an appointment and forward your pitch deck. 


Being or becoming confident

March 23-24 2021, 9.00am-5pm

Do you work how you want to work? Work how you want to work!
A 2-day business seminar in which you will find your effective appearance with self-confidence and self-assurance and practice it with sovereignty and strength.
Speakers: Benedigte Baumann and Anja Kellermann


March 25 2021, 5.30pm-7.30pm

Design projects for solutions with artificial intelligence and machine learning not only have to cover new topics in the user survey, but also in advance there are some new questions to consider. We want to show these questions and their effects in the lecture and discuss them with you.

Speakers: Michael Koegel

April 2021

Adventure evening: Lead in style

April 19 2021, 7.00pm-8.30pm

How do you take the lead? As a manager or project leader in everyday working life, or perhaps as the one who organizes the next club event or hiking group. Experience leadership, leadership style variants and style blossoms on this adventure evening with Benedigte Baumann and Dr. Anja Kellermann.

Women in leadership (modul 1): My leadership role and me

April 21-22 2021, 9.00am-5pm

A 4-module annual program for women who want to lead with ease, clarity and consciously female leadership. A program for solution-oriented, empathic and resource-oriented leadership that puts people at the center.

Agile working in practice

April 21-22 2021, 9.00am-5pm

Agile is the latest buzz word and just like “in the cloud” everyone sells something different under it. We explain the most common approaches (Lean, SCRUM, KANBAN, …) and help with the right questions to find the right entry.
Speakers: Michael Koegel


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