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December 2020

2021: My Goals. My doing. My year

December 10 2020, 9.00am-1.00pm

We cannot say today which external influences will prevail for how long in 2021. However, we can work with what we have already learned and think about how we want to use the coming year for ourselves.

In concrete terms: What would you like to do in 2021 so that the year will be professionally successful and fulfilling for you? What experiences from this year are you transferring to another activity, and what exactly does that mean for your next steps? What can you do yourself, and where do you need outside help and support?

The workshop is led by Susanne Heiss, Facilitator for Change & Culture

Dropouts - from employees of a large company to self-employment

December 10 2020, 5.30-7.00pm

We meet for an informal exchange of what it’s like to drop out of a large company. We share our stories, our networks, help each other and share good tips. Topics are taken up spontaneously if it fits the discussion.

No agenda, no slides – it’s about sharing.

January 2021

Action Learning Nigh

January 14 2021, 5.30pm-7.00pm

Collaborative learning formats like “Working Out Loud” are (rightly) on everyone’s lips. The idea of ​​learning from one another is not that new. Several decades ago the realization grew that many questions (simple or complex) cannot be answered by expert knowledge alone. Rather, it has been shown time and again in practice that there is enormous problem-solving potential in groups of different composition if one finds an intelligent and efficient way to use this “power of the group”.

Adventure evening: show feelings

January 18 2021, 7.00pm-8.30pm

Outwardly neutral and inside a roller coaster – that was yesterday’s dealing with feelings in business. Those who want more emotional expression, who want to move or even inspire, are invited to this adventure evening with Dr. Anja Kellermann and Benedigte Baumann are just right.



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